Isthmus has two Notable essays in Best American Essays 2016!

“Hope, Change, Etc.” by Patrick Mainelli appeared in issue no 3, Spring/Summer 2015.

“I Slept Well If You Slept Well” by Alison Condie Jaenicke appeared in issue no 4, Fall/Winter 2015.

Follow the links above to read an excerpt.

Congratulations, Patrick and Alison!

Special Feature

After you read “I Slept Well If You Slept Well” in our latest issue, visit the companion photo gallery. All images courtesy of the author, Alison Condie Jaenicke.

Interview with Lisa Knopp

bread-cover-2Lisa Knopp’s new book, Bread: A Memoir of Hunger, is a hybrid of food writing, researched autobiographical writing, illness narrative, and spiritual writing. In it, she delves into how her struggles with hunger and her quest to achieve fullness led to discoveries about herself, culture, and spirituality. For a taste, start here with her interview with Thom Davis.

As a child and young adult, I felt that the place and people that I came from were bland, unremarkable, typical. I wanted to be unique, distinctive, someone you’d pay attention to. But how could I be when I came from such a typical family and from such a typical place? As a child, I believed that identity was something that one was born into (oh, to have been born being Italian or Jewish or rich!). Then, I didn’t know that identity was something one forged…. Now, I understand my disordered relationship with food, in part, as a rebellion against the circumstances I’d been born into.

Read the full interview here, on Isthmus online.

Interview with Mark Rozema

978159709994356a160be4adc0We caught up with Mark Rozema, an Isthmus author, whose first collection of essays, Road Trip, is the winner of a Washington State Book Award!

I don’t know how other people find replenishing solitude, or even if they need it. I need it. Extended periods of time alone in nature make me feel more grounded and centered in myself… I do like hiking and climbing with others—sometimes—but I most often go alone. There is freedom to do what you want without conferring about it. It’s a back-and-forth; you go into solitude so that you can come back to people.

Read the full interview here, on Isthmus online.