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Interview with Andrew Bourelle

Andrew Bourelle’s debut novel, Heavy Metal, has a heart of its own, and its heart beats fast. Winner of the 2016 Autumn House Fiction Prize, the book is a rush, a total submersion in the verve and fog of youth. Danny, the protagonist, seems to be hurtling through space—an adolescent asteroid dressed in a Judas… Continue reading

Interview with Natania Rosenfeld

Natania Rosenfeld and I met in March 2015 at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, where both of us were resident artists. We quickly sensed a deep affinity and began a series of conversations about literature, art, history, and family that has continued unabated since then. In the summer of 2016 we started the conversations… Continue reading

Interview with Lisa Knopp

Lisa Knopp doesn’t like to cook. “It’s complicated,” she says of her relationship with food and cooking, a sentiment to which many of us can relate. In Bread: A Memoir of Hunger, Knopp explores her complex experiences with food and eating and hunger, her struggles with body dysmorphia, and the medical and sociocultural forces that… Continue reading

Interview with Ruth Danon

What comes to mind over and over in reading Ruth Danon’s Limitless Tiny Boat is Keatsian Negative Capability. Everywhere, she tells you that what you see may or may not be what you get, but one certainty is that you will get nothing from grasping after meaning. “Information” is both desired and suspect, something that… Continue reading

Interview with Helen Phillips

Helen Phillips’ novel, The Beautiful Bureaucrat, is electric, and unexpected. It tells a story that belongs to all of us, set in a world like ours, but distorted, as though reflected in the face of a spoon. It’s a story of the grind and grit and beauty of making ends meet, told from the perspective… Continue reading

Interview with Heather A. Slomski

In the title story of Heather A. Slomski’s debut collection, The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons (winner of the 2014 Iowa Short Fiction Award), two couples are out to dinner together: me, you, the woman with whom you had an affair, and Simon, her boyfriend. At a table near them are the Lovers, engrossed only… Continue reading

Summertime Happened

When the season shifts from spring to summer, I get the sense that time is expanding, growing larger somehow and rolling out far ahead of me. Maybe I get this sense because of the longer days—more light coming in through the windows, later, slower sunsets. Or maybe it’s the nights—how once the sun is sunk… Continue reading

Interview with John T. Price

I would be much too afraid to visit John T. Price’s home on account of the “No-Kill Zone” dutifully enforced by his nature-loving sons and steadfast wife. The zone shelters arachnids and all things creepy-crawly that might wander into the family’s backyard and—here’s where it gets squeamish—inside the house, too. It’s no wonder then that… Continue reading

Interview with Kelly Daniels

Cloudbreak, California (Owl Canyon Press 2013) begins in Kelly Daniels’ ninth grade speech class in Redlands, California. Unlike the self-conscious Daniels, the kids in his class have never lived in their family’s van, their fathers don’t deal drugs and their mothers don’t join religious cults. Daniels frets the inevitable doom of giving his speech in… Continue reading