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Two poems by Dan Barton

Letter from Atlantis after Mark Doty What pulls us to still metallic pushes back. You found it endless, the rippling cord grass buried in sun -splashed tide. Standing with muddied feet before the same field of jade, I want it to be more than longing that makes the inlet grey into evening, a page empty… Continue reading

“West / Sky” by Autumn McClintock

Even Pleiades, the merry bunch, we name from this camp in the black desert.   We travel like Earth, in a tilt, spiraling toward rescue. Our hair is cut   for the first time, we have eaten from our own fire, and the wheat   of southern Washington with bent fingers rustles, this way. When… Continue reading

“The Usual Pain” by Marc Kaufman

When I left the house today mother was on the balcony banging the dust from the futons. It had been snowing for more than a week and you remember how cranky she gets when she can’t put the laundry out and clean. Maybe the futons had sat for a week longer than usual, but while… Continue reading

“Red Army” by Megan Stolz

Can you see them through the trees? Crisp, red orchards; gather wood to burn. The hills are quiet this time of year. We don’t expect visitors.   Crisp, red orchards; gather wood to burn; raw winter, chilling— We don’t expect visitors. We keep to ourselves.   Raw winter, chilling— strangers don’t linger long. We keep… Continue reading

Two Poems by Ruth Danon

Apocalypse I pick up a book. I put it down. I pick Another, turn a page and read a poem. I pick up the cats, first one, then the other. I go to the sink and wash a glass. I fill the glass with water and drink, long, hard gulps. I turn to my funny… Continue reading

In the “news”

Isthmus issue no 2 has been reviewed! We’re delighted by these words of encouragement from outside reviews. “All of the contributors to the 2014 Fall/Winter issue are well-published established writers who have created a commendable body of work, both individually and, here, collectively. At 100 pages, the journal makes for a compact and easy experience,… Continue reading

Troublers by Rob Walsh

Recommended by Taira Anderson Rob Walsh‘s debut story collection, Troublers (CakeTrain 2013), attempts to blur the line between reality and absurdity, and to extract the odd from the ordinary. Whether set aboard a ship heavy with marauders in “Seven Seas,” or stuck in the eerie hollow heart of some unnamed small town in “The Two,”… Continue reading

Leaving Clean by Natalie Giarratano

Isthmus Recommends Lungs, breath, bayous. Canned meat, a gun, wires. Breasts, molecules, Jesus, Texas. These are the words that continue to resurface from the black water depths of my subconscious after having read the poetry of Natalie Giarratano. In Leaving Clean (Briery Creek Press, winner of the 2013 Liam Rector First Book Prize for Poetry),… Continue reading

To begin…

Hey, here’s a post to let you know what’s to come on the Isthmus blog. We already have an author interview and book recommendation in the works, so check back soon. We’ll also let you know about great literary events here in the Pacific Northwest, and, if there are any you want to let us… Continue reading