Isthmus FL 14 coverFall/ Winter 2014 Issue No 2


Andrew LaddPia

Ray Morrison, For You

Helen PhillipsThe Beekeeper

Heather A. SlomskiA Fulfilling Life


M Dressler, Double Infinity

Anna RedsandA Good Stranger

Sarah RobinsonThe House is the Mother’s Body


Alyse BenselLetters to Clara in Nürnberg

           Pomegranate Tree, Split Fruit and Painted Lady, 1665

Michelle Bonczek EvoryDeath, the First Time

Alec HershmanSee/Saw

           Permanent and Wonderful Storage

Daryl Muranaka, Night Shift

Leonard Orr, Leaving Town

F. Daniel RzicznekBluegrass Island

           Of the Universe

Kathleen WeaverChosen Quiet

          Words for Snow